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YarakSeed Ventures

YarakSeed launched in 2012 in Valencia, Spain. The company was co-funded by beCode Tech Accelerator, Dr. Lydia Canovas-Saiz and three investors. In 2015, Dr. Canovas-Saiz took the leadership of the organization and expanded its activity to Europe, America and Australia, as well as its investment participation, including seed and debt financing.

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" We invest in businesses that are in 'yarak', a falconry term derived from Persian and meaning 'super alert', hungry but not weak, and ready to hunt.’’ - Dr. Lydia Canovas-Saiz

"If money wasn't an issue, how many startups would you have in your portfolio?" 

Dr. Lydia Canovas-Saiz is the Founder of YarakSeed Ventures. Lydia is an Economist, MEI, Ph.D. specialized in innovation, entrepreneurship and investment operations. She has spent the last decade starting, running and investing in startups while working with entrepreneurs and investors as an investment analyst and advisor. 


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